In Vain - Currents

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In Vain - Currents

Postby dimmick » Thu Mar 22, 2018 14:04

Well, I guess those last five of us who still check this board on occasion have listened to this by now? Thoughts?

I have to say... it's not my favorite In Vain record. I've made myself listen to it many times since it came out to make sure I was really getting the sense and mood of the whole thing. In the past, I've not given their stuff a fair chance to sink in before forming opinions - once I do that, I've felt that every full-length they've released has been better than the last. Not so for this one. There are some good tracks, and lots of great sections within tracks, but as a whole it doesn't grab me and demand my attention like their previous work.

For example: most of the opening track is great, but the chugging off-tempo section that literally starts off the song (and comes back later) clashes horribly... it doesn't even sound like In Vain to me. And for the first time with this band, I feel like several of the tracks blend together and start to get same-y.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a BAD album by any stretch, I had just gotten used to In Vain really upping the ante with every album, and this one is a step back from the last couple.
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Re: In Vain - Currents

Postby tim » Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:55

Never heard of them, to be honest. Will have to check out.
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Re: In Vain - Currents

Postby Pirate » Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:16

Love the opening track. Second track derails the rest of the album for me
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Re: In Vain - Currents

Postby Farlig-K » Tue Apr 03, 2018 19:45

I kinda echo your thoughts about the album, dimmick. I was super hyped when I saw a new In Vain albums was on the way. I absolutely adore Mantra and Ænigma - they are some of the best melodic, progressive extreme metal I've ever heard and some of the songs just resonate with me from a stylistic and atmospheric perspective. My first thoughts on hearing Currents was that it sounded like Ænigma: The B-sides, which made me very sad. It sounded like they rehashed the same melodies and riffs from the previous album - not that "Times of Yore Part 2" did the album any favours in that regard.

I do believe I've given it enough time to kinda settle with me, which it sadly doesn't. Usually I'm flabbergasted by any new In Vain release, but I hovered between bored and frustrated with this album, to the point that I eventually just went back to Ænigma to get my In Vain fix. Having Currents feel like a weaker extension of Ænigma probably means that there IS something like too much of a good thing and, like the OP, I believe that In Vain should've grown further with this album, instead of trying to just stick with a formula that proved they were "avant-garde metal" masters with Ænigma.
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