Last seen in concert v.Ahhhh

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Re: Last seen in concert v.Ahhhh

Postby Mr. Blueberry » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:38

Went to Gefle Metal Festival this summer:

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Their first show in Sweden. Good show with some sound issues.
Death Angel - Some great energy on the stage when these guys play.
Opeth - One of the best live shows I've witnessed. The best on the festival.
Testament - I've wanted to see these guys for a long time. 'twas really good
Amon Amarth - I had to see these guys live to appreciate how good they are. Messiah Marcolin made a guest appearance
Paradise Lost - Good show. Not my type of music, but trying to get into it.
Bloodbath - The band I wen't there to see. Really, really good. The singer was even nice enough to ask if there were any christians in the crowd. (Then they played 'Mock the Cross'...)
Dark funeral - Insane drummer
Interment - Old school HM-2 death metal
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