Good Memories Nordic Fest 2011

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Good Memories Nordic Fest 2011

Postby unk » Mon Oct 24, 2011 21:04

What are all of your good memories from Nordic Fest 2011?

Re: Good Memories Nordic Fest 2011

Postby clareabel » Mon Oct 24, 2011 21:12

Hanging out in the cave. Particular highlights of that: Brian's Bob Dylan impression, sobbing a bit with Amanda and Noomie on the last morning, being confused by Dutch and Danish early in the morning.
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Re: Good Memories Nordic Fest 2011

Postby unk » Mon Oct 24, 2011 21:23

1. It was very nice to see Hubertus, he caught my eyes at the first concert for me with Crimson Moonlight at Frizon 2003. He was the grim'est of them all :)

2. Saturday: Me and my brother with our friend Khamar, went from the cave after the service & inspiration session towards Oslo by foots 16:00, collecting cans and exploring once more (done 2 years back). We looked at the clock every 20 minutes or so. After some checks, we realised that we where a little too optimistic. We started off 16:00pm and the opening at the subscene was 18:00, we heard.
17:35: i think we just passed the gas station... We started quit focus on the cans and started to step up the tempo. There was a new split of the roads before the shipyard, so we took the chance to take the new road of more to the east closer the direction to "Sentrum". That was a mistake... We run out to the cut -off bridge in the pit of hell, not realising the truth. Khamar, the desert man shouted "ooohohh! ooohhh!!!! Aahhhh!!!" after me, getting frustrated and laughing towards the highway. Some cars started horn, i went on for one minute and looked back, my brother and khamar didn't follow. We return and went towards the old town/parts beside the railways. Blue lights and sound was getting closer. We went around the railways and got to the new skyscrapers and finally accessed the subscene 18:40 and got very happy when hearing that it would start of 19:00.
5 bags of cans, 26.5NOK, two cans from the 80's.

3. Colleting can session #2. We collected cans on Sunday, after the collective bus trip to Sentrum. This is quite internal, but my big brother shouted "WoooOW! 2.5NOK!" That was one of the moments. I haven't heard any that enthusiastic about a can's value. He sounded very excited.
After we had collected one bag, we got in touch of another can collector. We gave em all to her, she got happy.
PS. 3 of us 4 that collected cans, are having jobs atm.

Will maybe add more later, but i guess you all will fill in on every other point that i missed. Maybe not focus so much about the music and more of things around?

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