[Wanted] Pre-2004 magazines w/ Christian bm band interviews

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[Wanted] Pre-2004 magazines w/ Christian bm band interviews

Postby Eulogium » Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:12

Hey, all. I have an oddly particular request: old issues of Christian metal magazines that have interviews with Christian black metal bands. I have most of the relevant Heaven's Metal/HM issues, and am more interested in such zines as Devotion Hardmusic magazine, Wreathe of Thorns, Screams of Abel, Turn or Burn, Centurion Outpost, or The Narrow Path. These are the relevant zines that I can think of, but since they're largely before my time, there could be others that I didn't mention.

I'm willing to pay quite handsomely for them, so if you're willing to sell please PM me, or email me at amlopez@utexas.edu . If you're not willing to sell them, but have access to a scanner, I'd be happy to pay you to scan the relevant pages, etc.

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