New salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Updated.

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New salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Updated.

Postby Aquilla » Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:13

I have now updated the sale list, and it 100% up to date!

If you are intrested in some or any record or cd just drop me A PM or write here. I could give you a 100% correct discogs link for that certain record. pictures upon request and correct grading of these records if you are serious and interested to buy... price talk, bidding and offfers are all welcome but just when it's serious. also discounts when buying a lots will be possible.

prices is in swedish kronor. payment possible through paypal. preferable contact:

Black / death / Trash

Fleurety - Min tid skall komme (misantrophy first press) 130 kr
Burzum - Filosofem A5 Digibok (misantrophy ltd) near mint+ cond. 500 kr
dodheimsgard - 666 international (moonfog) 60 kr
enslaved - eld (osmose) 60 kr (reserverad)
enslaved - isa (with slipcase) (indie rec)
gorgoroth - destroyer (nuclear blast) 60 kr
gorgoroth - twilight of the idols (nuclear blast) 60 kr
gorgoroth - incipit satan (nuclear blast) 60 kr
ashes - death has made its call (necropolis rec) 50 kr
Vinterriket - ...Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes (LTD digi)
(regimental rec) 40 kr
Vinterriket - Winterschatten cd (flood the earth rec) 40 kr
Vinterriket - Weisse Nächte Des Schwarzen Schnees (Ltd, Digi) 40 kr
(drama company)
Vinterriket - Firntann (frozen landscapes productions) 40 kr
Vinterriket - Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit Entgegen (flood the earth) 40 kr
Gromm - sacriligum (digi) 30 kr
Israthoum - monument of brimstone (spikefarm records) 30 kr
Krohm - crown of the ancients (selbstmord service) 30 kr
Krohm - a world through dead eyes (digi) (vicious rec) 30 kr
Helheim - fenris (necropolis rec) (RESERVERAD)
Mysticum - in the streams of inferno ( full moon prod first press) 300 kr
Wongraven - fjelltronen (moonfog) (RESERVERAD)
Todesweihe -necronomicon - ex mortis (darker than black) 40 kr
Skaur - skaur (self released pro printed) 80 kr
Siebenburgen - grimjaur (napalm) (RESERVERAD)
Satanic slaughter - afterlife kingdom (loud n proud rec) 40 kr
Anti - the insignfiance of life (obscure abhorrance prod) 50 kr
Khold - mörke gravars kammer (candlelight) 60 kr
Nagelfar - hunengrab in herbst (kettenhund rec) 120 kr
Nagelfar - stronggorth (reissue) van records) 80 kr
Trelldom - til minne (regain rec) 50 kr
Tulus - biography obscene (indie) 50 kr
Tulus - evil 1999 (hammerheart rec) 100 kr
Thy primordial - at the worlds of untrodden wonder (pulverised rec) (RESERVERAD)
Thy primordial - the heresy of an age of reason (pulverised rec) (RESERVERAD)
Svartahrid - malicious pride (soulseller rec) 70 kr
Svartahrid - forthcoming storm (napalm rec) (RESERVERAD)
Svartahrid - as the sunrise flickers (napalm rec) 70 kr
Svartahrid - ex inferi (soulseller rec) 70 kr
Svartahrid - sadness and wrath (soulseller rec) 70 kr
Setherial - death triumphant (digi 2006 regain records) 70 kr
Armagedda - Echoes In Eternity (agonia records) 50 kr
Nattefrost - Terrorist Nekronaut part 1 (digi) (seasons of mist) 50 kr
Opeth - Damnation (digipack) candlelight 60 kr
Lord Belial - Unholy crusade (no fashion) 60 kr
Riddle of meander - Orcus 50 kr
Mayhem - Chimera (fold out digipack) (seaons of mist) 60 kr
Mactatus - Blot (soulseller records) 60 kr
Burzum - Ragnarok (A new Beginning) ltd 1000x (bootleg) 50 kr
Burzum - Det Som En Gang Var (digipack first press) (misantrophy
records) (RESERVERAD)
Bane - Chaoes . Darkness, Emptiness (grom records) 50 kr
Blodsrit - Diktat Deliberi (digipack) 60 kr
blodsrit - Helvetshymner (digi) (unexploded rec)(RESERVERAD)
Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness (black sun rec) 70 kr
Immortal - At the heart of winter (osmose 98) 80 kr
Helheim - Heidindomr Ok Motgangr (ltd slipcase 2xdisc) (karisma rec) 50 kr
Helheim - Blod & eld (digi) (karisma rec) 50 kr
Helheim - Åsgards fall (slipcase) (karisma rec) 40 kr
Hellspell (devils Night) (black diamond prod) 30 kr (reserverad)
Hinsidig - En tidlös höst (digi) (blut & eisen prod) 60 kr
Gjenferdsel - Varde (black forest / ketzer rec) 50 kr
Gjenferdsel - I (black forest / ketzer rec) 50 kr
Dark funeral - Teach Children To worship Satan (no fashion rec) 40 kr
Dimmu borgir - Spiritual black dimensions (digi) (nuclear blast) 50 kr
Dimmu borgir - Death cult armageddon (digi) (nuclear blast) 50 kr
Darkthrone - Preparing for war (peaceville) 50 kr
Emperor - Live In frostland (rare live bootleg on pro cd) 120 kr
Fatal embrace - Shadowsouls garden (candlelight records) 60 kr
Furze - UTD (digi) (candlelight) 50 kr
Furze - Autocrat (apocalyptic empire) 60 kr
Keep of kalessin - agnen (avantgarde) 60 kr
Keep of Kalessin - Through times of war (avantgarde) 80 kr (reserverad)
Kvist - For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig vike (avantgarde) 150 kr
Slagmaur - Domfeldt (digi) (nekk brekk prod) 50 kr
Slagmaur - svin (digi) nekk brekk prod) 40 kr
Slagmaur - Skrekk Licht Kunstler (digi) (osmose) 50 kr
Rimfrost - A Journey To A Greater end (no color rec) 50 kr
Unanimated - Ancient God Of Evil (no fashion) 150 kr
Warloghe - Womb Of pestilence (northern herritage) 60 kr
Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter (no fashion rec) 300 kr (reserverad)
Verderben - vernichtung und vergelung (dunkelheit productions) 60 kr
Taake - Nattestid Ser porten vid (wounded love records 99) 50 kr
(väldigt repig men spelar ok)
Ildjarn - det frysende Nordariket (digi) (napalm) 120 kr
Ildjarn - nocturnal visions (northern herritage) 50 kr
Celestia - Dead Insecta Sequestration (agonia) 30 kr
ragnarok - in nomine sathanas (regain rec) 60 kr
mayhem - melodonium capta est (first press avantgarde) 70 kr
Hordagaard - Kveldskved (azermedoth records) 40 kr
1349 - Helvetia Fire (DVD) 100 kr
Emperor - Live Inferno (2xcd + DVD DigiBook) (candlelight) 120 kr
Isis - Clearing The Eye (DVD) 100 kr
Satyricon - Mother North (VHS) (moonfog) MINT 200 kr


BlackLodge - Machinations LP (season of mist underground activsts) 140
kr (near mint)
BlackLodge - Solarkult LP (end all life productions) 140 kr (near mint)
Unleashed - Shadows In the Deep (reissue) mint/unplayed 140 kr
Unleashed - Sworn Allegiance LP (first press century media) near mint 300 kr
Sorhin - Förbannade år Box (komplett med alla inserts) några
innercovers har små seam splits annars inte mycket att klaga på)
400 kr

Hardcore / metalcore / metal

From ashes rise - From Ashes LP (skuld releases 2000) 150 kr
From Ashes Rise - Live Hell Lp (Jade Tree 2010) 150 kr
Both Sides - Injustice 7" (bridge of compassion) 40 kr
Backside Lkpg - It's Up To You 7" (bridge records) 40 kr
Fight it Out - depression 7" (GTR records) 30 kr
Full Of Hell - The Inevitable Fear Of Existence 7" (GTR records) 30 kr
Strength Approach - Piece By Piece 7" (Defiant Hearts) 40 kr
Vervain - Stadens Ljus 7" (Monument records) 40 kr
Indecision - Release The Cure LP (Overcome Records) 120 kr
Last Hope - Last Hope LP (Dead Eyed Records) 100 kr
Cult Of Luna - Cult Of Luna LP (Earache) (RESERVERAD)
Cult Of Luna - The Beyond LP (Earache) (RESERVERAD)
skin like iron - descent into light LP 40 kr

CD: /50 kr styck om inget annat står (50 swedish kronor if nothing other stated)

blacklisted - the beat goes on (deathwish) 40 kr
Blacklisted - heavier than heaven, (digi) deathwish 50 kr
callisto - providence (svart records)
khoma - the final storm (razzia) 60 kr
chanpion - promises kept (bridge nine)
Count me out - permanent
defeater - lost ground (bridge nine rec) 40 kr
eighteen visions - until the ink runs out (digi) trustkill
converge - unloved and weeded out (digi) deathwish 60 kr
converge - you fail me (epitaph) 70 kr
converge - when forever comes crashing (equal vision) 70 kr
converge - petiotioning the empty sky (equal visions) 70 kr
Converge - caring and killing (hydra head rec)
converge - the long road home (digi) deathwish
The Bled - Pass The Flask (fiddler)
posion the well - tear from the red (first press)
poison the well - opposite of december (first press)
Breath In - From This, Day On (bridge nine)
Barricades - Blood Combines (glance rec)
barricades - Barricades (glance rec)
Blue monday - What's done Is Done (perfect victim rec)
Breach - Old Vs New beats (burning heart rec)
Breach - Godbox ep (chrome saint magnus) 70 kr
Breach - venom (burning heart)
Breach - It's Me God (digi) (burning heart) 70 kr
Breach . Outlines (burning heart) 70 kr
The agony scene - The Agony scene (century media / solid state)
Anah Aevia - Realize you are dead (selah rec) 200 kr
In Flames - reroute to remain (nuclear blast) 60 kr
In flames - Whoracle (nuclear blast) 60 kr
In Flames - the jester race (nuclear blast) 70 kr
In flames - subterranean (re-release regain rec) 60 kr
In flames - Colony (nuclear blast) 60 kr
Cattlepress - Hordes To Abolish the divine (hydra head) 80 kr
count the hours - we don't care (panic rec)
coalesce - 0.12 revolution in just listening (relapse)
Callisto - true nature unfolds (fullsteam rec) 100 kr
Callisto - Ordeal Of the century ep (fullsteam rec) 250 kr
Blacklisted - we're unstoppable (deathwish rec)
Benea reach - Possession (spikefarm rec) 60 kr
Benea reach - Monument Bineothan (digi) (tabu rec) 100 kr
Benea reach - Alleviat (tabu) 80 kr
Bleeding through - Dust to ashes (prime directive rec) 70 kr
Bleeding through - The truth (roadrunner rec)
Bleeding through - bleeding through (roadrunner rec)
Born blind - One for all (solid state)
bring me the horizon - suicide seasons (epitaph)
botch - we are the romans (digi) (hydra head rec) 80 kr
Botch - Nervoso American (hydra head) 80 kr
Cult of luna - the beyond (earache) 80 kr
Cult of luna - Salvation (earache) 60 kr
cult of luna - eternal kingdom (earache) (ltd digi) 60 kr
cult of luna - somewhere along the highway (earache) 60 kr
Cult of luna - vertikal (ltd digi) 60 kr
calico system - they live (euology rec)
the chariot - unsung ep (solid state) 40 kr
darkest hour - The Prophecy fulfilled (art monk construction) 60 kr
darkest hour - hidden hands of a sadist nation (victory rec)
Botch - Unifying Themes Redux (hydra head)
Burst - Prey on Life (relapse rec)
Burst - Shadowcaster ep (melon rec) 70 kr
Burst - two-faced (melon rec) 70 kr
Burst - In coveting ways (chrome saint magnus)
Barricade - The weathered (panic rec) 40 kr
Neurosis - Live in stockholm (official bootleg) (meurot rec) 60 kr
neurosis - times of grace (music for nations) 60 kr
Maharaiih - chapter one : the descent (no or never rec)
the middle end - worst case scenario (self relased) 40 kr
meadow - the collapse (feedback rec) 40 kr
Mortal treason - a call to the martyrs (flicker records) 40 kr
lackarmé - last days of disco (self released)
Life in your way - ignite and rebuild (indianola rec)
Life in your way - the sun rises, and the sun sets and still our times
is endless 100 kr
Luti-kriss - throwing myself (solid state)
Losa - the perfect moment (metalblade) 40 kr
Killing the dream - in Place apart (deathwish)
Killing the dream - Killing the dream (rivalry rec)
Isis - celestial (digi) hydra head 70 kr
Neurosis - honor found n decay (ltd digi) (neurot rec) 80 kr
Neurosis - live In Lyon (official bottleg) (neurot rec) 60 kr
norma jean - bless the martyr and kiss the child (solid state) 70 kr
Norma jean - redeemer (solid state)
Norma jean - o god the aftermath (solid state)
Neurosis - through silver in blood (digi) (iron city rec) 80 kr
Neurosis - A Sun that never Sets (relapse) 70 kr
neaera - let the tempest come (digi) (metalblade)
Neara - The Rising tide of oblivion (metalblade)
neaera - omnicide (metalblade)
neaera - armamentarium (ltd digi)
poison the well - distance only makes the heart grow fonder (goodlife rec) 60 kr
reveal - through the eye of perfectiob evolution dies slowly (goodlife rec)
repoman - (monument rec) 40 kr
path of no return- black night is coming (gsr) 60 kr
Path of no return - death is promised ep (district 19) 70 kr
panic - dying for it (bridge nine rec)
Panic - circles (reflections)
Panic - Strenght in Solitude (bridge nine rec)
Purified in blood - Last leaves of a poisoned tree (new eden rec) 60 kr
Overcome - blessed are the persecuted (tooth n nail)
Nora - the neverendingyouline (trustkill)
nora - Looser's intuition (trustkill)
Nora - Dreamers & deadman (trustkill)
nine - killing angels (burning heart)
nine - to the bottom (no looking back rec) 100 kr
nine - listen (startracks) 60 kr
vena - nomadic (paradigms) 60 kr
training for utopia - throwing wrench in the american music machine
(solid state) 70 kr
texas is the reason - do you know who you are? (revelation rec) 40 kr
soapbox - shapesifter (mini cd) 40 kr
supermachiner - supermachiner (undecided rec) 80 kr
silence the foe - shaking hallelujah (digi) 60 kr
silence the foe - sweet sweet suicide (dead letter rec)
the spirit that guides us - self titled (goodfellow rec) 70 kr
surface - seven times over fold (status recordings) 70 kr
raised fist - sound of republic (burning heart) 60 kr
Raised fist - ignoring the guidelines (burning heart)
roswell - void (cacaphonous) 70 kr
Roswell - demo
Roswell - the nothing (bridge rec) (digi)
rentokiller - vigil (monument rec)
rentokiller - cadaveri eccelente (digi) (northpost rec) 70 kr
social suicide - kansas city shuffle (self relased) 40 kr
soul control - involition (rivalry rec)
selfmindead - at the barricades we fall (sally forth rec) 80 kr
selfmindead - selfmindead (soulscape rec) 80 kr
selfmindead / the spirit that guides us - splet ep (digi) (sally forth
rec) 80 kr
Figure Four - No Weapon Formed Against Us (Facedown records)
FewLeftStanding - Wormwood (Solid State)
FewLeftStanding - Regnereation Of Self (solid State)
Focal Point - Suffering Of The Masses (Tooth And Nail Records)
Evergreen Terrace - Buried Alive By Time (Euology records)
Evergreen Terrace - Losing All Hope Is Freedom (Indianola Records)
Entreat - Deincubation (Moonslee records)
Eigheen visions - Obsession (trustkill records)
Eighteen Visions - Vanity (trustkill records)
Eighteen visions - The Best Of (trustkill records)
Eighteen visions - Lifeless Ep (Life Sentence Records)
Dead Reprise - Death Of A Nation ep (dead vibration industry)
First Blood - First Blood ep (bridge nine records)
Damage Control - What It Takes (Live Wire records)
Charcoal - Self titled ep (Trust No one records)
Count Me Out - 110 (indecision records)
carpathian - Nothing To Lose (golf records)
Another Year - Moment's don't last ep (monument records)
Another Year - self titled ep (monument records)
breather resist - Charmer (jade tree)
Breather resist - Only In the Meaning (deathwish)
Amulet - The burning Sphere (bridge records)
anchor - captivity songs ep (monument)
Abhinanda - Neverending Well Of Bliss Ep (desperate fight records)
maroon - the cold heart of the sun DIGI (century media)
Maroon - Order (century media)
XmaroonX - Antagonist (alveran records)
Hopesfall - No Wings To Speak Of (Takehold records)
Hopesfall - A types (trustkill records)
Go It alone / Blue monday - split ep (rivalry records)
Give Up the ghost - Love American Ep (reflection records)
Regression - Regression (good Life recordings)
Regression / Breach - Split cd (Good life recordings / Burning Heart records)
Revive - Beliefs Of An Old past (i for us records)
Ruiner - Prepare To Be Let Down (Bridge Nine records)
Saving Throw - We're never On Good Terms With The light (Let it burn records)
Scarlet - Cult classic (roadrunner records)
Scarlet - Something To Lust about (ferret records)
Soapbox - Soapbox (sally forth records)
Soapbox - Divided Man (structure)
Soapbox - The Fragile Journey (talking music)
Winter Solstice - the pulse is overrated ep (Harvest Earth records)
When We Fall - A Cry In Despair (The Emo Foundation)
When We fall - We untrue our mind (digi) (I for us records)
xdisciplex a.d. - heaven and hell (triple crown rec) 100 kr
xdisciplex a.d. - no blood no altar now (good fellow rec) 60 kr
xdisciplex a.d. - imitation of love (goodfellow rec) 100 kr
xdisciplex a.d. - lantern (sa mob) 60 kr
xdiscplex a.d. - doxology (facedown rec) 80 kr
training for utopia / zao - split ep (solid state rec) 70 kr
VA - point of recognition / cast in stone / torn in two (facedown rec) 60 kr
underoath - cries of the past ep (takehold rec) 200 kr
underoath - the changing of times (solid state) 80 kr
underoath - they're only ceasing safety (solid state)
i killed the prom queen - music for the recently deceased (w, slipcase) (stomp)
I killed the prom queen - when goodbye means forever (hand of hope) 60 ke
in remembrance - we'll always have the memories (blacktop rec) 40 kr
caliban vs. heaven shall burn - the split program (lifeforce)
grimfist - ghouls of grandeur (candelight rec)
from autumn to ashes - to bad you're beautiful (ferret / roadrunner) 60 kr
from autumn to ashes - the fiction we live (vagrant) 60 kr
falling cycle - the conflict (facedown rec)
endstand - hit and run (combat rock industry) 40 kr
endstand - spark (combat rock industry)
endstand - the time is now (lifeforce)
endstand /kafka - split cd (no records) 40 kr
endstand - fire inside (combat rock industry)
eso-charis - self titled ( a seize the day record) 100 kr
embodyment - the eternal (solid state) 40 kr
dawnbringer - nucleus (profound lore records) 60 kr
demon hunter - demon hunter (solid state)
zao - parade of chaos (solid state) 80 kr
zao - the splinter shards the birth of separation (solid state) 80 kr
zao - all else failed (steadfast records) FIRST PRESS 200 kr
zao - liberate te ex inferis (solid state) 80 kr
zao - self titled (solid state) 70 kr
zao - where blood and fire bring rest (solid state) 100 kr
Strongarm - The Advent Of A Miracle (first press) (solid state)

rock / pop / Indie / alternativ

frontalkraft - volksmusik (streetfight records)
Frontalkraft - nacktes land (rebel records)
frontalkraft - Wir Bekkenen Uns (front records)
Frontalkraft - Lieder Die Wir Für Deutschland Schreiben (front records)
Broder daniel - cruel town (dolores rec)
Broder daniel - 5 cd original compilation (capitol)
Broder Daniel - Singles (emi)
Broder daniel - broder daniel (emi)
Aliyaah - One In a million (atlantic)
Aliyaah - Age Ain't nothing But a number)
Audrey - Visible forms (digi) (tender vision)
Audrey - The Fierce And The Longing (digi) (tender vision)
Audrey - audrey ep (digi) tender vision)
Agnes - Veritas (roxy)
Anna ternheim - the night visitor (universal)
Anna ternheim - somebody outside (stockholm rec)
Anna ternheim - lover dream & more music for psychotic lovers (digi)
(stockholm rec)
Anna ternheim - Separation road (universal)
Anna ternheim - Leaving On A mayday (universal)
ASinrebekkamaria - queen of france (digi) (alarm music)
Anthony & the johnssons - Another world (rough trade)
christian kjellvander - I saw her from here / i saw here from her (startracks)
The Concretes - In Colour (digi) (licking fingers)
The Concretes - Hey trouble (digi) (licking fingers)
South san gabriel / centro-matic - Dual hawks (cooking vinyl)
Club 8 - Nouvelle (digi) (siesta)
Club 8 - Spring came, rain fell (labrador)
Club 8 - The friend I Once had (labrador)
Club 8 - The boy who couldn't stop dreaming (labrador)
Club 8 - The People's record (labrador)
Club 8 - club 8 (labrador)
Lisa ekdahl - Med kroppen Mot jorden (BMG)
Lisa ekdahl - Olyckssyster (bmg)¨
Lisa ekdahl - When did you leave heaven (rca victor)
Lisa ekdahl - Pärlor av glas (sony bmg)
Miss Elliot - SO addictive (elektra)
Missy Elliot - The Cockbook (atlantic)
Missy Elliot - This Is Not A test (elektra)
Kent - jag är inte rädd för mörkret (universal)
Imperiet - Blå himlen blues (mistlur)
Imperiet - compilation MNW klassiker (2xcd) (mnw)
Imperiet - synd (mnw/ mistlur)
Fläskkvartetten med freddie wadling - Vita droppar en samling 1987-1998 (mnw)
Fläskkvartetten - Voices of eden (universal)¨
Damien rice - 9 (digi) (14th floor)
Gylle tider - halmstads pärlor (samtliga hits)(parlophone)
The Legends - facts and Figures (labrador)
The legends - Up Against The legends (digi) (labrador)
Kent - Verkligen (RCA VICTOR)
kENT - Hagnesta hill (bmg)¨
Kent - b-sidor 2xcd (rca victor)
kent - tillbaka till samtiden (rca / sony)
Kent - en plats i solen (rca)
Kent - Isola (rca victor)
kent - Vapen & Ammunition (bmg)
Kent - röd (rca)
kent - Du, Jag och döden (limited edition with blue case) (rca)
kent - Box 1991-2008 (rare singles, unreleased songs)
lampshade - Because trees can fly (digi) (lampshade self released)
Lampshade - Let's away (digi) (alarm music)
Last days of april - if you lose it (bad taste)
Last days of april - last days of april (bad taste)¨
Last days of april - ANgel youth (digi) (bad taste)
Logh - North (digi) (bad taste)
Logh - The raging sun (bad taste)
Logh - A Sunset Panorama (2xcd) (bad taste)¨
My morning Jacket - circuital (digi) (removador records)
Stina Nordenstam - Memories Of a color (telegram rec)
Songs ohia - hecla & griper (secretly canadian)
Songs Ohia - The Ghost (secretly canadian)
Songs ohia - Didn't it rain (secretly canadian)
Songs Ohia - Impala (secretly canadian)
muse - Origin Of Symmetry (taste media)
Muse - Absolution (taste media)
Muse - Showbiz (taste media)
Muse - The Resistance (warner music)
Muse - The 2nd Law (digi) (warner music)
Magnolia electric co. - Hard to love a man (secretly canadian)
Magnola electric co. - Fading trials (secretly canadian)
Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing (hut recordings)
Placebo - sleeping ghosts (hut recordings)
Placebo - Meds (emi)
Placebo - Battle for the sun (vagrant rec)
Placebo - Black market Music (hut recordings)
Placebo - Placebo (virgin rec)
Placebo - Loud Like Love (ltd digibook) (elevator lady)
ZZ top - The Very best Of (2xcd) (warner)
ZZ Top - Greatest Hits (warner)
Under Byen & the danish radio Sinfonietta (digi) (morningside rec)
Under byen - Samme Stof Som Stof (digi)(morninside / playground)
Ulf Lundell - Danielas hus, det bästa 2: 84-94 (emi)
Woven hand - Woven hand (Glitterhouse rec)
Woven hand - Mosaic (digi) (glitterhouse rec)
Woven hand - Consider the birds (digi) glitterhouse rec)
Woven hand - Blush Music (glitterhouse rec)
Thåström - Beväpna dig med vingar (ltd digibook) (razzia)
Thåström - SKebokvarnsvägen 209 (sonet / Universal)
Thåström - Mannen som blev en gris (slipcase) (mistlur)
Thåström - Kärlek är för dom (digi) (mistlur)
Thåström - Det är ni Som är dom konstiga Det är jag som är normal (mistlur)
Saving Blue - the misfortune and the praise (talking music)
Sambassadeur - Between the Lines (labrador)
Sambassadeur - sambassadeur (labrador)
Strip Music - Strip Music (playground)
Strip Music - Hollywood & Wolfman (playground)
Sanna nielsen - Vinternatten (emi)
16 horsepower - Live march 2001 (digi) (glitterhouse rec)
Sixteen horsepower - Low & Estate (a&m rec)
Sixteen horsepower - Folklore (digi) (glitterhouse rec)
Sixteen Horsepower - Sackeloth 'n' ashes (a&m rec)
16 horsepower - secret south (glitterhouse rec)
16 horsepower - hoarse (glitterhouse rec)
sixteen horsepower - Olden (Glitterhouse rec)
magnolia electric co. - trial and errors (secretly canadian) 60 kr
songs ohia - songs ohia (secretly canadian) 60 kr
songs ohia - axess ace (secretely can) 60 kr
songs ohia - the lioness (secretly can) 60 kr
songs ohia - ghost tropic (secretly can) 60 kr
makthaverskan - 2009 50 kr
makthaverskan - 2013 50 kr
The Mary Onettes - Mary Onettes (labrador) 40 kr
Antony and the johnsons - The crying Light (rough trade) 40 kr
Amtony and the johnsons - Swanlights (rough trade) 40 kr
Antony and the johnsons - Cut the world (digi) (rough trade) 40 kr
Antony and the johnsons - I Am a Bird now (rough trade) 40 kr
Blindside - the black rose ep (digi) one mind music 40 kr
Blindside - The great depression (drt / wasa) 50 kr
Blindside - A Thought crushed my mind (day glo rec) 80 kr
Blindside - blindside (w. slipcase) (drt) 50 kr
Blindside - With Shivering hearts we wait (national) 50 kr
Blindside - About A burning fire (elektra) 50 kr
Blindside - blindside (day glo, rare first press) 80 kr
the knife - shaking the habitual (ltd digi) 60 kr
Leona Lewis - Echo (sony music)
Leona Lewis - Spirit (sony music)


Logh - every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings LP (bad taste) 120 kr
Club 8 - Closer Now 7" 30 kr

Christian Metal:

Crimson Moonlight - Songs Of Archives (rivel) 70 kr
As i lay dying - frail words collapse (metalblade) 80 kr
As I lay dying - Shadows are security (metalblade) 60 kr
As I lay dying - Powerless rise (50 kr)
As I lay Dying - An Ocean between Us (50 kr)
Antestor - det tapte liv (endtime) 50 kr
Admonish - Den yttersta tiden (self released ep) 50 kr
Admonish - Isnärjd (momentum scandinavia) 50 kr
Necromance - Tribulation Force (pletegier rec) 200 kr
Necromance - Wiederkehr der schmerzen (pletegier rec) 200 kr
ulf - entertainers & soldiers (pierced rec) 40 kr
Absurd 2 - ep (digipack) 200 kr
pantokrator - a decade of thoughts 60 kr
pantokrator - blod 100 kr
antestor - return of the black death 100 kr
anaemia - the second incarnation.. (digi) 100 kr
crimson moonlight - in depths of dreams.. ep 80 kr
dalit - dalit (digi) 80 kr
ganglion - the stripped ep 80 kr
virgin black - elegant and dying 60 kr
Extol - Undeceived (digipack endtime) 200 kr
Extol - undeceived (century media) 70 kr
Mindrage - Sown in weakness, Raised in power (bulletproof music) 100 kr
Silver - World Against Worlds (bad atro rec) 100 kr
Silver - White Diary (bad atro rec) 100 kr
Lengsel - The Kiss the hope (whirlwind rec) 100 kr
Lengsel - Lengsel (self released pro print 200x) 300 kr
Schaliach - Sonrise (reissue) (digipack) 40 kr
Va - Come armageddon (endtime prod) (digi) 100 kr


Ganglion - 7" 150 kr
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Re: Updated salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Huge sale!

Postby BrianMadsen » Tue Feb 25, 2014 18:32

you've got mail.
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Re: Updated salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Huge sale!

Postby Aquilla » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:53

i answered you back on the email =)
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Re: Updated salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Huge sale!

Postby Aquilla » Thu Feb 27, 2014 18:51

Updated List!
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Re: Updated salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Huge sale!

Postby Aquilla » Fri Feb 28, 2014 18:35

no one buying cds on this forum anymore?
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Re: Updated salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Huge sale!

Postby Ashes13 » Fri Feb 28, 2014 19:22

Would love to, but not really much money left this month to buy stuff.

Please keep it up to date, for the possible customer you may have here ;).
Christian black metal tape label:
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Re: Updated salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Huge sale!

Postby Aquilla » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:27

i would put the remaing cds out on discogs for sale i think to reach a bigger market. and i do not think the profane and satanic stuff will be sold on such forums like this ;)
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Re: New salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Updated.

Postby Acuna » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:54

I buy sooo many CD's regularly, but I have it all Christian in your list, and I think others guys have it too, it's so popular)

and yes,

i do not think the profane and satanic stuff will be sold on such forums like this

You're absolutely right! :D
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Re: New salelist CD and vinyl with prices . Updated.

Postby Aquilla » Sun Mar 30, 2014 14:50

this thread is not up to date longer, take a look on my other thread..i can't remove this thread, maybe admin can remove this thread ?
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