Desperately need money... selling off merch

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Desperately need money... selling off merch

Postby BassOvercast » Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:33

Right now me and Sara are in desperate need of money for our upcoming wedding. So I'm currently selling off a bunch of my merchandise and a rare Antestor tape for those interested.
Me and Sara are getting married on the 5th of January and it was looking as if we would be roughly $150 behind on what we needed to pay for the food at the wedding reception. However, Sara has received far less hours from her work this coming week than either of us anticipated. So we're in trouble.

First off are Betray the Oracle shirts (I've set it up so that when you purchase the shirt you also receive a free download of the song on the bandcamp page): ... eeve-shirt


Next is the happiness and something psychotic CD "Сорок." These CD's were supposed to be sold at my first ever show in the USA, unfortunately, however, the CD's didn't show up until the week after the show, so I'm stuck with 15 of them, and am trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Finally... is Antestor's tape "Despair." I was fortunate enough to grab it for $170 from someone who came to need finances over kvlt record releases... and in a similar fashion... this tape is repeating the tradition. I'm definitely willing to negotiate on a price for it, hit me up with a PM if interested:

Finally, any prayer would be immensely appreciated as well. Thanks all everyone. God bless..
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