Grim ~ Scepter of Blood SPECIAL RE-RELEASE (1 copy)

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Grim ~ Scepter of Blood SPECIAL RE-RELEASE (1 copy)

Postby Hguols » Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:37


For starters, I want to thank Kai Wefing at No Sleep Til Megiddo Records for making these - they are an excellent tribute.
What I'm going to sell, I'm going to offer it once and its just one copy. Once its gone, its gone.

This is a physical release of the Grim "Scepter of Blood" album, remastered from its original sound but still lo-fi and guttural as all get out. Its something I originally recorded back in 1999. Its released on a solid black DVD case, and this is #5 of only 25 copies that will be made. The other ones I have are gifts and I'm only selling one. There are two individual inserts containing all the lyrics. Here's the layout...


What I'll do is include an additional CD backup pictured here:


and I'll handwrite a personal "GRIM" message on the backup's CD envelope and autograph it.

I'll ship it out ASAP for $20USD. Please PM or e-mail me at maunstraut at hotmail dot com if you want this item. First come, first serve. No takesies backsies. Once its gone, its gone.

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