Loads of CDs for sale (some rare stuff)

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Loads of CDs for sale (some rare stuff)

Postby archdukeofmetal » Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:11

I'm never one to do this, since I love holding onto my CDs, but I need the extra cash, and the space in my house. CDs are by offer (if I don't think the offer is sufficient, we can discuss something), unless a price is listed. Also, i'll list some of the Hypnotic Dirge stock at the bottom in case some of you want to grab some. Shipping will be $3 plus a dollar for each additional CD you order. If you want some Swampkult releases as well, just include that in a message and we will work something out.

PLEASE MAKE ALL OFFERS TO swampkultproductions@gmail.com

Ancient Plague - Archaic Kingdoms
Harvester of Souls - Seperator of the Wheat from Chaff
Castaway - The Woe Oracle
Azbuk - Compilation for Eternity
Still Remains - The Serpent
Once Dead - Visions of Hell
Feast Eternal - With Fire
Feast Eternal - Prisons of Flesh (Sealed)
The Crucified - Self titled (1989 Narrowpath Records version) -$12
End of Destiny - The Thoughtless Existence
Secretion - Reborn - $25 (open for negotiation)
Discern - Revive and Rebuke (unfortunately when I ordered this, they sent JUST the disc)
Virginia Creeper - The Second Death (single press release limited to something like 25 copies) - $15
Rehumanize - Resident Apostasy (sealed)
Berith - Symphony of the Souls - $12
Soundmass - OZ Mosh 2005
Uzias - J.V.D.
Opprobrium - Serpent Temptation Digipak - $10
Sit at my Right Hand - There Is More than One Way Out
Elgibbor/Moriah - Split (EEE Records version, rare, so make a decent offer) SOLD
Brutal Sacrifice - Bruxos De Gadara
Brutal War - Rage of Destruction
Brutal War - War Armageddon
Seventh Seal - As Lives of One
Castaway - Exposure of the Pain and Suffering
O, Majestic Winter - Defiling the Serpents Temple (OOP, decent offer)
Broken Flesh - Forever In Flames (sealed, OOP)
Cosÿns - Promotional release
Last Rites - Dark Night of the Soul (sealed)
Elgibbor - Repent or Perish
HB - Enne
Elgibbor - Stronger than Hell (original pressing. Rare. make a decent offer) ON HOLD
AWAS - hope
Kekal - Embrace the Dead (2000 Fleshwalker Records, make a decent offer)
Zurisadai - Symphony of the Souls (SUPER rare OOP. I won't let this one go for cheap)
Castaway - Come Back to Me
Illia - EP
Neverdead - Promotional release
The Crucified - Nailed $13
Devout - Dissention (SUPER rare promotional copy. literally, just a disc burned with the title on it. was sent from bands to labels back in the day. these recordings are no where in existence other than the few copies of this disc, which were very few. this will not go cheap)

Deadnight - Messenger of Death
Fireborn - As the World Crumbles
For Ruin - December
Mournblade - Mangled Lies

about five sealed copies of Maugrim - Paths of the Damned. will let these go relatively cheap, if you are into shitty ambient, then it might be your last chance to get these.

Hypnotic Dirge Releases (multiple copies of most except Exiled from Light. all releases are brand new, but without cello-wrap):
Exiled From Light - There Is No beauty Left Here... -$13
The Foetal Mind - The Grand Contraction -$11
netra - Melancolia Urbaine - $11
Funeral Fornication - Pandemic Transgression -$11
Evoke Efritis - Conceptual Horizon
Ov Holowwness - Drawn to Descend -$11
Old Forgotten Lands - Primal -$11
Stroszek - Sound Graveyard Bound -$11
Epitimia - Faces of Insanity -$11
Subterranean Disposition - S/T -$11
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Re: Loads of CDs for sale (some rare stuff)

Postby archdukeofmetal » Mon May 13, 2013 17:49

UPDATE: Elgibbor - Jubileum (#4 of 100). This one will need a pretty good offer.
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