Hymns of the Blackest Light - Volume 1

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Hymns of the Blackest Light - Volume 1

Postby Hguols » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:17

Been quiet about this here while it was developing, but I think now is the time to say something.

For the second anniversary of The Blackest Light (Christian black metal forum that I started in 2015), we decided to make a compilation with the active musicians on that forum. Thanks to one of the (former) members owning a record label (Fallen Oak Recording) we were able to have this professionally pressed and released through his label. :)

- CDs available March 7th (100 pressed and already 70 are spoken for!)
- This is a CHRISTIAN compilation with artists playing ambient, electronic, grindcore, death and black metal.
- 15 tracks from 15 artists, almost an 80 minute running time.
- CDs are less than 6 bucks.
- Will be carried by other Christian metal distros as well (eventually LOL if there's any left! HAHA!!)
- Volume 1 because the forum members and label are planning on doing another one next year!

You can preview the album by watching this video. ;)


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