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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 18:38
by Demoniciduth
Greetings in Christ!

DEMONICIDUTH is a Christian (Un)Black Metal band founded in 1998 in Switzerland. We have recently signed with VISION OF GOD RECORDS for the release of our upcoming album ENEMY OF SATAN, which will also include a limited vinyl edition. We believe it to be our most brutal and professional material ever! The cover artwork is already done. The mixing and mastering has already been completed but we still need to pay the studio engineer, which is our priority. That's why we raised an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN. Once funded, you can expect the album to be rapidly on the shelves! All we need is your help to fund or at least promote this campaign. Any support would be highly appreciated!

May God bless you,

Link to the Indiegogo campaign: