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The Blackest Light Forum

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 21:38
by Hguols
I'm sure some of you were aware that The Blackened Hymns was a forum gathering place for Christian black metal fans and artists.
Unfortunately, that forum is no more. There has been a newly created forum though, "The Blackest Light" another ProBoards forum based on Christian black metal and similar topics.

Currently, the forum supports the Tapatalk app and there is a shoutbox feature. (You don't need to login/register to use the shoutbox!)
I'd like to have this place to be very liberal and "open door" location - I'd like to give out custom titles and additional permissions.

If you want a place to chat about the holy and harsh, or anything really - feel free to stop by!
Please tell those who may be interested as well!

Thank you for your time,