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MASS - melodic metal from the US

Postby DrNordic » Sun Jan 16, 2011 19:53

I've been following this band since I heard "Voices In The Night" in 1990 and is one of those bands who have been around for a really long time.
Late last year, Retroactive Records released a CD called "Fighter" which was supposed to be the band's debut but due to label problems it was never released on any format. Recorded in 1982, this seem to me to be a very strong album for the time! We are talking years before Stryper's debut and even before a lot of secular melodic glam bands.

Another interesting thing is that the early albums seem to be very much "girlie" like in the lyrics and later the band is taking a much more stronger stand for Jesus Christ. It is more usually the other way around.


What do you prefer if you have their albums? Do you have a favourite MASS album?

Voices.. was produced by Michael Sweet of Stryper so I guess that is why the band in the first place was connected to the Christian scene.
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