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Postby DrNordic » Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:43


It’s time for another update from Nordic Mission, Christian Metal, Rock and Hardcore mailorder.
We’re located in the Eastern part of Norway, waaaaay up in the North of Europe but we gladly ship CDs and all of our other products worldwide. Check out our webshop for a complete list of what we have. www.nordicmission.net is the adress.

We’re happy to announce that we have done a huge update to our shop these last days, especially added lots of both new, used and lowpriced CDs. We went carefully through our entire stock of CDs, and found quite a few that have never been added before. Next time we will do the same with t-shirts, vinyl and other goodies laying around...

NEW TITLES in stock:

(Killer symphonic progressive heavy metal released on Nightmare Records!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1553

CIRCLE OF DUST: Disengage re-release
(Last album from the biggest band in the Christian industrial scene ever!)

(Instrumental soloalbum from the drummer of Shining Star)

IN VAIN: Wounds
(This killer Norwegian band is back with a second EP of blistering metal!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1529

MORTAL TREASON: Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood
(Brutal metalcore/death metal!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1525

OVERTURE: Back To Life
(Classic heavy metal from Brasil)

POD: The Warriors EP Vol. 2
(7 song EP, brand news!!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1518

SAINT: Live 05
(Great classic metal from one of their very few concerts since the comeback to the scene!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1513

SEVEN ANGELS: Faceless Man
(This female fronted power metal band from Brasil is back with a killer follow-up album!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1512

SHINING STAR: Enter Eternity
(Awesome progressive metal from Brasil now fronted by Lance King of Balance Of Power! This is one of the definitive highlights of the year!)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1511

STAIRWAY: No Rest, No Mercy
(Pioneers of classic heavy metal from England! This is their first album re-released for a limited edition.)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1504

TOURNIQUET: Crawl To China
(Finally back in stock! Originally released in 1997.)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1500

(Re-released version including a few old bonus tracks! Oiginally released in 1994.)
http://www.webhotell-spesialisten.no/no ... 6&pid=1486

Some of the “left out” CDs you can find in the store are:
(Most of them we only have 1 of each!)

ANTITHESIS: Dying For Life
BRIDE: Fist Full Of Bees
CALLOUS: In The Memory Of...
CYNICAL LIMIT: Cynical Limit
DELIVERANCE: Intense Live EP Vol. 1
EMBODYMENT: Embrace The Eternal
ETERNAL DECISION: Eternal Decision
FEARFUL SYMMETRY: This Sad Veil Of Tears
FRANK’s ENEMY: Frank’s Enemy
JEREMY: Trivial Life
KING’s X: Gretchen Goes To Nebraska
KING’s X: Faith Hope & Love
KING’s X: Dogman
LENAIRE, GARY: The Lost Years
MENTAL DESTRUCTION: When Madness Strikes
MENTATION: Circle Of Perpetual Occultation
MOTHERLODE: The Sanctuary
PETRA: Captured In Time & Space
PETRA: On Fire
PETRA: Petra Means Rock
PETRA PRAISE: The Rock Cries Out
PILLAR: Broken Down EP
PILLAR: Fireproof
PILLAR: Where Do We Go From Here
RED SEA: Blood
STRYPER: Can’t Stop The Rock

If you visit our webstore now, you will find 2 new sections; CD - Lowprice and CD - Used. We get used CDs from time to time and we have now gathered them together. Check this section for some great ones like Believer, Bloodgood, Leviticus, Sacred Warrior and more!

The CD – Lowprice section is basically great offers we have on new CDs! Some of them are on-sale CDs but alot of them are CDs we just bought so cheap, that we can sell them cheap as well!!!
Instead of boring you with the entire list here, go check it out for yourself at www.nordicmission.net. Enter the WebStore and check the meny to the left.


We announced last time about Resurrection Fest in Stockholm that was going to happen instead of Bobfest during 10th – 12th of March this year. Unfortunately this has been cancelled because of lack of ticketsales.
Hopefully there will be more happy news to report next time!

In the meantime: ROCK ON and have a nice day!

Pøl Dæhlen

P.O. BOX 2105

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