Stop The Madness! August update from Nordic Mission...

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Stop The Madness! August update from Nordic Mission...

Postby DrNordic » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:26

Hello! Welcome to a new update from Nordic Mission! More new stuff added and a couple of little messages from us...

Summertime is over for most of us I guess, and it is back to our normal day to day lives. The trick is for those who got to visit a festival or some other great happening to keep the memories in mind and live on them as long as possible. Also looking to the next big thing is recomended. Hopefully for many of you, the next "thing" will be Nordic Fest right here in Norway. That is a festival organized by Nordic Mission together with some great friends at Sub Church and Holy Riders in Oslo and many many individs around our country (and others!) with a burning passion to celebrate Jesus and Metal Music. We want to offer you a great happening, not only with some good bands but also with fellowship and spiritual growing. Today, we launched the website at together with the announcement of 7 new bands! We have now 12 bands on the list and there might even be a couple more up our sleeve. More info will come later!

Did you react on the subject title in this email? Well, I don't blame you! It was used by Roadrunner Records (and Believer) back in the day to take a stand against the use of drugs. Drugs destroy people's life everyday and is the black plague of today's society. A lot of bands and musicians have been literally destroyed with the use of drugs and abuse of alcohol. Today, another thing that is on the way of destroying even the Christian metal/rock scene and directly effecting and hurting your favourite bands. Not physically, but I am talking about the fact of illegal downloading music on the internet. This is stealing and we don't support this at all! I can not believe that there are Christian sites supporting this sin. I think everyone should think a little about how they would like the scene to become, in let's day 5 years from now. Either the physical format of music will be all gone or some labels will only produce and release cheap and bad quality stuff.

Sorry for the rambling, but the thing is that this is something any person involved in producing music is concerned about at the moment. Steve Rowe of Mortification has tracked down sites which supports illegal downloading and is trying to contact people who download to tell them they are doing the wrong thing! Quite a big step to take for many musicians. So, how about the fact that Christian music should be spread around and promoted more? It should, but the artists should decide and control this themselves and for a small scene like the Christian metal scene it is so dramtic to loose 1000 sold units of a CD since most indie releases sell less copies than that! In the end the math just doesn't add up. If people don't buy, there won't be money to produce quality music anymore. I know people like to check out stuff before you buy, and that is cool, but with today's MySpace sites you can listen to all the music you like, and ofcourse the fact that we have 8000+ sound clips at our webshop available makes you no excuse to download stuff you haven't paid for.

Well, back to more positive stuff, let us now use some space that is left to promote a few NEW releases available at the Nordic Mission webshop, located at: . A direct link to the new stuff is: ... anguage=en Especially I would like to recomend the release from A Hill To Die Upon! This is some of the best black/death I've heard in a long time! Also the new Orphan Project is spinned regularely around here. For classic stuff, the box set from The Crucified is great!

A HILL TO DIE UPON: Infinite Titanic Immortal
(US death/black to please the fans of Scandinavian metal! These guys will be at NordicFest this year!)

THE CRUCIFIED: The Complete Collection
(Another band also booked at NF, and this is their entire recording history incl demos and a bonus DVD. Classic thrash/punk from the US!)

(Brutal death metal mixed with metalcore from the US to please fans of Behemoth or In Flames)

DARK LAY STILL: Through Hell
(Debut album from these US symphonic black/death metal band! For fans of Dimmu Borgir)

EMERY: ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
(New rock album from this extremely sucessfull rockband)

KREYSON: 20 Years Of Kreyson
(This is a fantasic classic heavy metal band from the Czech Republic for you to check out!)

(2nd album from this great Motorhead and AC/DC influenced US band!)

ORPHAN PROJECT: Spooning Out The Sea
(Prog rock from the USA of high quality!!)

PROJECT 86: Picket Fence Cartel
(Album number 7 from this hardworking rock/hardcore band!)

RED: Innocence & Instict
(Deluxe set with bonus tracks and DVD from this Grammy nominated rock band!)

VENIA: Victory By Surrender
(Finnish melodic power metal fronted by a woman!)

Some great best sellers during this Summer have been:

STRYPER: Murder By Pride
(Oh yeah, their new album more back to their 80's roots of melodic heavy metal and twin guitar solos.)

THEOCRACY: Mirror Of Souls
(Fantasic US melodic power/prog metal)

ROB ROCK: The Voice Of Melodic Metal
(DVD/CD release from one of the greatest metal voices of all times! This is highly recomended!)

DEVIL WEARS PRADA: With Roots Above and Branches Below
(Awesome metalcore from the US for fans of Underoath or Norma Jean!)

HB: Frozen Inside
(Still sells like crazy! Female fronted metal for fans of Nightwish, but with worship lyrics)

Wish you all a pleasant week filled with metal and Blessings from the Lord,


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