Watched a music video and suddenly felt at home?

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Watched a music video and suddenly felt at home?

Postby Crossbearer » Mon Nov 09, 2015 14:10

Watched a Comeback Kid video on youtube and it felt so familiar.

Turns out it actually was shot here in Finland.
Yes, that is how Finland looks.

First hint was the Selänne jersey...
Second hint was the Lada car.
And then the grey gloominess of the surroundings.
Yes, welcome to Finland.
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Re: Watched a music video and suddenly felt at home?

Postby Farlig-K » Mon Nov 09, 2015 22:23

I'd like some grey gloominess. We're having the most intense heatwave in recorded history in South Africa currently with just about no rain (a few drops lasting 5min isn't rain). Temperatures average mid-30's to low-40's most days with no wind or clouds to disperse the heat a bit. Add to that our political turmoil and economy that's just getting worse and I wonder why I haven't left this hell-hole yet.

At least I'm growing a full beard upon request from my wife. :)
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