Should I stop drinking?

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Postby the MASTICATOR » Fri Mar 31, 2006 4:01

Iskall vinter wrote:
the MASTICATOR wrote:
Natanael wrote:Show me places where it contradict itself...

And please read from the original text. :roll:
Dude it's totally true, in fact Psalm 14:1 says "There is no God.

you don't have to be patronizing, I am just saying there arer contradictions. Now I don't know exactly where, but somewhere in Mark it is desribed how Judas dies..... and in Acts (I think) it is alos described, and it is totally different. Anyone who is familiar with acts and Mark know I am right
People have been making these sorts of claims for hundreds of years and apologists have been refuting them just as long; It's unacceptable that anybody (especially a christian) could still claim that their are contradictions (and/or errors) in the Bible.
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Postby Iskall Vinter » Fri Mar 31, 2006 6:55

go away
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Postby Emissary » Fri Mar 31, 2006 7:11

Most "contradictions" can be explained quite easily when taken in the right context and/or read in the language it was written. I've found one I can't explain though...1 Sam 15:11 vs 1 Sam 15:29.

So I thought... :roll: I checked the original meanings of the word repent in hebrew and now it makes some sense :roll: Check it out...a great bible-program, and it's free too :D
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Postby Lucas » Sun Apr 02, 2006 19:37

Iskall vinter wrote:Okily dokily. So where do you draw the line between regular drinking and getting drunk? Because I find it hard to call a certain percentage amount of ethanol in your blood sinning, while 1/1000% less is not sinnging...

I have the same question too. I mean, it's common knowledge that small doses of alcohol induce feelings of euphoria and the removal of inhibitions. Greater doses of alcohol simply increase the euphoria further and strengthen the removal of inhibitions. So the x% blood-alcohol content is a purely arbitrary legal definition of 'drunkenness'.

I would argue that drinking itself is not sinning, but due to the fact that alcohol will remove inhibitions, the consumption of alcohol has the capacity to 'encourage' or 'rationalize' sinful activities.
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Postby Emissary » Sun Apr 02, 2006 22:03

Amen to that. That was one of the better answers on the subject I've seen for a while :D
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