oh yea

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oh yea

Postby Averzaath » Sun Oct 23, 2011 19:55

I'm not really sure what to say now.
It's been 5 years for me, guess I was blessed to have the pleasure of being able to attend 5 years in a row. No regrets, even though I changed in my beliefs.
I've always loved coming to NF. First two years were pretty scary tho, as I am very shy most of the time, so had a hard time getting in contact with people.

Really wish I took the time yesterday to properly thank some of the NF crew.
When the bus was leaving for Oslo today I only got the chance to say goodbye and thank Oddmund, which isn't nearly enough. Wish I could have shook everyones hand, you all made this into a GREAT experience for me, each year again and again.
So yea, thank you from the bottom of my soul.
I love you all.

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Re: oh yea

Postby DrNordic » Mon Oct 24, 2011 15:32

Thanks for the hug, Bob! It says more than a truckload of words!
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Re: oh yea

Postby GBGmetal » Mon Oct 24, 2011 22:12

Looking at those words, I realize they could almost be my own... Had to leave way too suddenly and I don't think I thanked anyone from the crew properly =/ Well, I'm pretty sure we'll meet again, so I can thank you then! ;)

Great festival this year, loved every minute! =)
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