Coverage of NF2011

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Coverage of NF2011

Postby The_Deception » Sun Sep 25, 2011 21:46

So, having been to only one NF in the past, being a 22 year old metalhead obsessed with Christianity, metal, the internet and music journalism I have, in my wisdom, cover Nordicfest 2011. I am going to (hopefully extensively) review each night, the festival as a whole, possibly get some interviews (hmm...) all for nothing but a silly blog...

Currently I am posting everything on my personal blog but I'm currently trying to sort out hosting my own domain name and launching my own site (initially a privately hosted blog but who knows!) in the week leading up to NF2011 and filling it with content relevant to the Christian metal community be it reviews, interviews, articles etc.

So keep an eye on it, if you want to contribute then feel free to contact me but my hope is that this will be an addition to the resources currently out there for our community.

Much love,

Ben M
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