Nordicfest 2017 - 27.-28. October 2017 - Subscene Oslo, Norway

Nordic Fest 2017

27.-28. October 2017
Subscene Oslo, Norway

Bands To Be Announced!


Tickets are available on the Nordic Mission webstore!

Here are direct links to the tickets and accommodation:

Early bird 2 day ticket package (ordered before first band announcements) is 475NOK. After the first announcements, the 2 day ticket package price will go up to 600NOK.

Please note! No physical tickets will be sent in the mail, and no email will be sent either. There will be a namelist at the door. Please remember to print the order confirmation.

There are only 150 festival passes available!

About Nordic Fest

This festival has grown from almost a faint sound into a full blasting series of concerts. Beginning with only 6 bands, one night of shows and a small, but happy crowd. Now, the festival has grown into an event of loud and excellent metal, a bandlist to cry for, seminars and loyal visitors from many different parts of the world.

The metal/hardmusic scene is changing and producing sounds never heard before. What better place to host this festival than Oslo, a city with a burning heart for Heavy Metal! Located at Sub Scene, in the middle of the night club district, the festival has a perfect venue. The venue is alcohol free, which means there are no age limits to the show. Caring for a beer, there are bars on every corner of the city.

Merchandise and newly released cds from the bands are for sale, and is one of the most favorite topics of conversation between coffey cups and entangled hair from the headbanging. People of different styles and background can feel at home, just sit back and enjoy the ride. So pack your earplugs and get going! The fun is about to begin...